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Homeostasis and the Connection of Cells Essay

Essay Topic:

Homeostasis is the tendency of an organism or a cell that regulates it’s internal environment within narrow limits. The body uses functions and structures to provide numerous different types of cells, all adapted for particular functions. (Farley, A,2011) Homeostasis connect these cells to work together and co-ordinate with the internal environment to achieve a ‘healthy’ body, no matter how the outside conditions change. The internal environment is in the body’s cells which are all surrounded in extracellular tissue fluid, which is found inside the body of an organism. They function best when maintained at the normal temperature, pH, water solute and Iron balance. This is the internal environment that homeostasis is used to maintain at a constant level. Internal environment is effected by the conditions inside of the body, opposite to external environment, such as the atmospheric Oxygen levels or temperature. The body has the power to control internal variations while the outside environment can affect the body processes and cause an imbalance in various physiological aspects. (Ross and Wilson,2010) The Human body responds to these external variations which neutralises their effects and restores stability. The principle behind this response is a feedback mechanism that operates through our organs and hormones. These feedbacks have various aspects like body temperature, energy and water levels, as well as how different nutrients in blood and organs are maintained. A feedback mechanism is how the body converses changes to the affected organs. Most of the mechanisms in the body are based around a feed back loop where they are monitored.Homeostasis needs self- adjusting mechanisms which normally form a loop or cycle, however there is one that reacts automatically, the feedback system.There are two types of feedback mechanisms which are: positive and negative feedback.(Ross and Wilson,2010)

Homeostasis mechanisms are controlled by the ne…

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