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These advocacy programs would not be possible without the support of federal funding from state and local organizations. These programs include the McKinney-Event Homeless Assistance Grants, Runaway and Homeless Youth Act, Joint U. S. Departments of Housing and urban Development (HUT), and Veterans Affairs (VA) Supportive Housing (HUT-VASS), to name only a few (Alliance to End Homelessness, 2011). The National Alliance to End Homelessness encourages a policy of advocacy in Congress and local government.

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They believe that members of Congress will be more likely to promote change if they are given to opportunity to understand how many people In their district are suffering and what can be done to stop It.

The Alliance explains how advocacy can make a difference, Just by calling and writing to policy makers or building relationships with them by meeting with them or Inviting them to attend a program explaining the problems homeless people face every day. The Alliance works with Congress directly through meetings and organized campaigns with advocates throughout the country.

They encourage ordinary people to advocate at home, by writing or faxing letters to their Senators and Representatives asking them to Increase funding for programs that provide assistance and lad to the omelets; or by working with the media to help raise awareness of Just how serious the Issue of homelessness In America Is today (Alliance to End Homelessness, 2011). The National Coalition for the Homeless also promotes advocacy and mediation as methods to help the homeless and produce changes.

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Their advocates work with the departments of Housing Justice, Healthcare Justice, Economic Justice, and Civil Rights.

They do not just wish to help those in need; they want to prevent and end it altogether. Their policy proposes a bill that could become the federal governments s first comprehensive response to the causes and consequences of homelessness. They hope to do this through their Bring America Home Act. The housing security provisions of the act calls for a national goal of ending homelessness; additional funding for the National Housing Trust Fund, and the establishment of a new rural rental housing assistance program.

The act also includes civil rights provisions, which call for the removal of homeless persons?w barriers to obtaining identification, the addition of homeless people as a protected class to hate crime statistics, and edition funding to Legal Services Corporation to provide legal representation In eviction proceedings. Their website offers fact sheets and readings about the issues of homelessness and provides information for anyone who would want to help (National Coalition for the Homeless, 2009).

I believe mediation and advocacy is extremely effective and appropriate for homelessness organizations. Their advocacy policies encourage people to take action through letter writing and changing the law, not Day angrily protesting Ana making a scene. I nee unreason Tanat tongue advocacy, they can reach out to government officials such as members of Congress, Senators, and Representatives to make the necessary changes that will become a permanent solution.

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