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Holocaust/Tuskegee Paper

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The Tuskegee Experiments and the Holocaust: A Comparison
The Tuskegee Experiments and the Jewish Holocaust are
similar in many different ways. In both cases, the men were
victims of their government, the participants were chosen by
race, and there were a conspiracies to keep the government's
As in the Jewish Holocaust, the victims of the
Tuskegee Experiments were also victims of their government.
The US government allowed for the experimentation , with the
syphilis virus,of their citizens. This relates to the
experimentation done on the Jewish prisoners of the German
government's concentration camps.
The victims of the Tuskegee experiments, like the
victims of the Holocaust, were chosen because of their race.
Like the German government chose Jewish people, the United
States Public Health Service chose to experiment only on
African American men.There were about six hundred
participants in the Tuskegee Experiments, all men of African
Like the German Reich worked with the towns near their
concentration camps to keep their atrocities a secret, the
US Public Health Service worked with the Tuskegee Institute,
local draft boards and health departments among others to
keep their experiments true intentions and actions a secret.
If the public learned of these inhumane actions, the US
Public Health Service knew that their experiment would be
terminated before they realized their goal.
As one can see, the Tuskegee Experiments are just as bad
if not worse than the Jewish Holocaust. Instead of learning
from the inhumanity and tribulation that the Jewish victims
suffered during the Jewish Holocaust, the United States
government conspired to mislead and harm their African
American citizens. To me, this is even more wicked.

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This sample paper is crafted by Elizabeth. She studies Communications at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Holocaust/Tuskegee and can be used only as a possible source of ideas and arguments.

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