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Holocaust Essay

The Holocaust was considered in history to be the most horrifying and inhuman period. Adolf Hitler, a charismatic, Austrian-born demagogue, rose to power in Germany during the 1920s and early 1930s at a time of social, political, and economic upheaval. Failing to take power by force in 1923, he eventually won power by democratic means. Once in power, he eliminated all opposition and launched an ambitious program of world domination. He knew he had to restore Germany back to its'greatness' and bring the pride of being German back to its people.It seemed Hitler had a motive against the Jewish people from the very beginning. Such evidence is shown in his writings of Mein Kampf, which he wrote while in prison. In Mein Kampf, there are dozens of passages that vilify and demonize the Jews such as:
"Was there any excrement, any shamelessness in any form, above all in cultural life, in which at least one Jew would not have been involved? As soon as one even carefully cut into such an abscess, one found, like maggots in a decaying body, often blinded by the sudden light, a kike".
These strong words by Hitler caused an extreme hatred in the Nazis who harassed and brutalized the Jews throughout the 1920s during the “struggle for power.”However many questions arise about why it was the Jewish people that were targeted by Hitler and the German people and when the holocaust initially started. This paper will discuss evidence relating to how Hitler and his followers favored and supported the start of the holocaust.
Where did such hate for a race of people initially begin? Few people might say that it just happened, others might say it was lingering in the background waiting to come out. Whatever the case was the Jews were a group of people that experienced hard and brutal times. The hate for the Jewish race is detected early and associated with the threat of Bolshevism invading Germany. Hitler makes it clear that the…

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