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Holocaust Essay

Essay Topic:

Adolf Hitler was a powerful leader, demanding personality, and extremely persuasive.After the First World War, in 1933, Adolf Hitler began his reign over Germany.His stay in power was one of the most controversial and destructive reigns in history.Hitler's main objective was to seize Germany and to turn in into the supreme supper power of the world.Many say that he was a mentally unstable and unsound man with unresolved emotional problems existing deep within his head, but the facts show that his need for total domination created death and havoc for millions of innocent people. These goals lead to the death of millions, most of which were Jews.
During World War One, Hitler "realized" how he hated the Jews.This all began when he fought with the Bavarian Army.Germany ultimately lost the war and he gave blame to the betrayal of the Jews.Hitler built his empire on National Socialism.Laws and government were directed through National Socialism. As Hitler began to expand his rule, taking over small bordering states and countries, he prepared for the impending war ahead.Hitler devoted these years into building the ultimate army of soldiers, which became the Nazis and started the age of Nazism.World War IIII began September 1st 1939 and Hitler was more than prepared for total control.While preparing his army he ordered the erection of concentration camps to house his prisoners mainly the Jews.
His initial preparations only solidified his rule over Germany and neighboring countries.The development of a huge army, becoming more and more brainwashed as time went on, and adequate facilities large enough to house thousands of people and equipment made Hitler's ability to control even more easy.Perhaps the most crucial part of Hitler's reign was his huge work force almost entirely made up of Jews, under slave labor.
Work existed both inside and outside of concentration camps.There were two…

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