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Hitler’s Rise To Power Paper

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Hitler’s rise to power was predominantly a result of the political, social and economic circumstances in Germany. The Rise of Hitler is a topic of extensive historiographical debate as to whether it was his intention to gain power as an autocratic leader within Germany (intentionalist) or whether Hitler’s ascendance to power was a result of the political and social instability in Germany in the late 1920s (structuralist). According to the sources, it seems that structuralist arguments are more favorable among historians. However, it can be argued that Hitler’s ultimate intention was to seize autocratic control of Germany in order to restore her damage she endured during WWI and bring Germany back to its former glory, giving merit to the intentionalist argument. It should be noted, however, that Hitler lacked a clear vision of his goals, even after his ascendance as the Chancellor of Germany in 1933; instead Hitler could be seen as a keen opportunist. Hitler simply took advantage of the long and short-term causes, namely: The Reichstag Crisis (1932), Hitler and the Nazi party’s strengths, economic pressures like the Wall St. Crash and Hyperinflation (1923), the Inherent weakness of Weimar government and German long-term political traditions. Germany’s political and economic problems created an atmosphere of instability that enabled Hitler to gain support, popularity and hence, his promotion to Chancellor as per Von Papen’s decision.

The inherent weakness of the Weimar republic can be seen as a view in favour of the structuralist argument. As historian Geary mentioned, “The Weimar republic had failed to build on the fundamental compromises” and, as a result, had costed them the “hearts and the minds of the people”, favouring the structuralist argument. The vulnerable nature of the Weimar republic allowed Hitler to seize power in the sense that the Weimar republic was submissive to the harsh terms imposed upon them by…

Why Did Hitler Rise To Power Essay

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The following sample is written by Matthew who studies English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan. All the content of this paper is his own research and point of view on Hitler’s Rise To Power and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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