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Hitler’s rise to power Essay

Hitler came to power in 1933 due to a combination of events, some due to his political ability, others due to luck. An important reason for Hitler;s rise to power was the Treaty of Versailles. He constantly made reference to the Treaty using its terms, and the hatred of the Diktat (Dictated peace) to continually attack and undermine the Weimar government.
The treaty of Versailles occurred after World War I. The Treaty was the terms of peace to end the war, although it became clear that the peace terms would be mostly decided by the allies, headed by;The big three; ; Wilson (USA), Lloyd George (Britain), and Clemenceau (France), who had destroyed Germany in the war and could do pretty much what they liked. In early 1919 the Allies discussed the terms of the treaty, and on the 28th of June 1919 the Weimar government signed the Treaty.
The Treaty itself was seen as very unfair by the German people, who reacted with anger and bitterness. The main effects of it on Germany were –
; Germany lost a lot of land ; Many areas of Germany, including the Alsace-Lorraine, the Saar, Posen, Danzig and Upper Silesia amongst others – were taken from Germany either with or without a plebiscite (a vote among the local population) and the Rhineland was demilitarised. The areas taken by the allies were given to other countries and the League of Nations. Overall Germany lost 13% of its land, and 12% of its population (that lived on that land.)
; Reduction in Germany;s armed forces ; The army was reduced to 10,000 men, no planes, tanks or submarines were allowed and there were only 6 ships.
; Reparations ; Germany had to pay reparations to the allies. This meant that Germany had to repair all the things that were damaged in the war, by paying back gold and goods to the countries affected by the damage.
; Much of Germany;s resources were lost ; 17% of its c…

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