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Hitlers Rise to Power Essay

Essay Topic:

Adolf Hitler was born the 20th April 1889 in Austria.He became a spy for the army after World War I.Through this he met Anton Dexler a leader of the German Workers Party.Hitler believed the policies and joined them.By 1920 he became their leader.He renamed it the National Socialist German Workers Party as he thought this name would appeal to all people.Hitler hated the Treaty of Versailles, Jews, the "November Criminals" and Communists.
The Treaty of Versailles was the starting point of Hitler's rise to power.Hitler hated the Treaty of Versailles and the Government that signed it.Many people hated Article 231 – the War Guilt Clause and the £6.6 billion reparations.Hitler appealed to all the nationalists by saying that the Treaty of Versailles was signed by the "November Criminals" who subjected Germans to a "Stab in the Back".Hitler hated the Treaty of Versailles so much that he proposed to overthrow the Weimar Government.Hitler thought force would overthrow the Weimar Government.
With this thought, Hitler organized the Munich Putsch.Therefore it is linked to the Treaty of Versailles.
He decided that to do this he must make a protest.He decided on a march, on the 8th November 1923, through Munich with Nazi supporters.Hitler thought that people would join the march but not many did, the march was put down and Hitler was arrested during the protest.This served as a huge publicity stunt for the Nazis after Hitler was arrested.Everybody seemed to know the name of Adolf Hitler.This was not what Hitler intended and it failed as a short-term cause as he did not gain power. Hitler was sentenced to a five year jail sentence for treason by a lenient judge who believed Hitler's policies.Hitler only served nine months.He did not suffer, he had comfort and friends.During this time, he wrote the SA "bible", "Mein Kampf" (My str…

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