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Hitler Vs Stalin Essay

A villain is known as a scoundrel or a wicked person.These words describe the dictators Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin very precisely.Both men were powerful during their rule, but both also caused immense destruction to their countries.Hitler ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945.He turned Germany into a powerful war machine, but also initiated World War II.Whereas, Stalin was a hated man, however, he changed the Soviet Union from an underdeveloped charm, and was cruel even to his closest friends.He could not feel pity, could not take criticism, and never forgave an opponent.Few dictators have demanded such terrible sacrifices from their own people.When arguing who is the greater villain, it is accurate to say that these men are equally evil.This is demonstrated through their rise to power, use of power towards their own people, and to the outside world.
After World War I, Germany was a country that was in urgent need of a strong leader.This leader needed to pick up the pieces and turn Germany back into a powerful country that it once was before the war.The conditions in Germany after the war were very depressing.The country was bankrupt, millions of people could not find work, and many were dying of hunger.After the war, Germany was forced to sign the treaty of Versailles.The limited the country to a 100, 00 man army.Germany was stripped of the territory that it had gained throughout ages of battle, and they had to pay huge reparations.Worst of all, Germany was to take full responsibility for the war.This had taken pride and public spirit away from the country.Many political parties were mad at the signing of the treaty.The people who signed this treaty were seen as criminals.During this period, Adolf Hitler was getting involved in politics and slowly began to gain power.He joined a party called the German Worker’s Party, later known as the Nazi Party.This group called for the union into one …

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