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Hitler-His rise to power Essay

A 'putsch' is an illegal overthrow of government by using the force of violence. Hitler attempted a putsch in Munich, 1923. I believe that Hitler chose to carry out the putsch in Munich because it was in Bavaria. The people in Bavaria were most likely to think like Hitler as they were right-wing nationalists and against democracy. Most of the Bavarians were Catholics and didn't like Protestants in Berlin and were against the Berlin government, against Weimar. Also Bavaria had a history of separatism. Another thing that Bavaria and Hitler had in common was'anti-Semitism'. Hitler preached'anti-Semitism'. Hitler lived in Munich. He had done a lot of work to build up the Nazi Party there so it was easier for him to organize a putsch in this city.
Hitler had not only chosen the right place but also the right time to try a coup d'etat. During 1923 there was hyperinflation in Germany and money was worth almost nothing. The French had invaded the Ruhr, as Germany had not paid their reparations. Stresseman had called off passive resistance against the French in the Ruhr so Germany was at its weakest. Hitler also knew that a year earlier Mussolini had conducted'The March on Rome' and it worked. He was Hitler's hero and he believed that he could do what Mussolini did. Five years before Mussolini, Lenin had a successful revolution in Russia, this also encouraged Hitler to take over by force. For these reasons, Hitler decided to attempt his revolution by starting in Munich in 1923, with the intent of turning it into a national revolution.
Hitler entered a Munich beer-hall on November 9, 1923 calling for a revolution against the Weimar Republic by his Nazi followers. Encouraged by his stirring speech, the Storm troopers followed Hitler along with General Ludendorff towards the city centre to overthrow the government. However, when faced with the o

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