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Hitler and WW2 Essay

WW2: The Road to War
In 1939 the super powers of the world went into a war. There are many factors that contributed to the start of the war. Mistakes were made that may have played a huge role in starting the war. There are many reasons for the start of the war and no one reason started it.
Hitler was a vengeful man who was still angry at the world from what happened to Germany in the last world war and how they had to pay reparations. Hitler started his army and they began to rearm and the league of nations did nothing to stop him.(d6) Hitler was trying to better Germany and he didn't care about anyone else. He tried to gain territory and when he demanded to have a piece of Czecholslavakia the league of nations gave it to him to appease him.(d7) Eventually Hitler thought that he would not be stopped and went on to take over other areas. Many of the European countries were not prepared for war and they decided that Hitler had not done anything severe enough to take any action upon him.(d9) When all along they should have taken action from the start and stopped him while they could before he rearmed himself to the point of no return.(d9) Instead of appeasing Hitler and giving him what he wants to subside him we should have taken a collective security approach and crushed the uprising.(d9) Instead we ended up in a war of epic proportions. Hitler believed that his country was impure because of the other nationalities living in it.(d1) Hitler wanted to kill the impurities in their population so he started the mass killings of the jews in an attempt to make them extinct. He claimed that Germany will not have the moral right to enter into colonial politics until he got rid of the impurities in his own country.(d1) His actions of persecution towards the people in germany and the places that he took over also contributed a lot too the war. When Hitler broke the treaty of Versailles and marche…

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