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Putches Essay

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With the failure of the Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler quickly realized, that in order to obtain complete political power, he needed to work peacefully within the Weimar Republic. The Sturmabteilung was a critical part of his path towards power, but once Hitler became dictator with German support, the S.A. was no longer served any purpose in the new fascist government.The success of the revolution, domestic control, and the one political party policy in Hitler’s Fascist dictatorship, were all factors that lead to the elimination of the Sturmabteilung. The soldiers of the S.A. were a major factor in the success of the National Socialist Revolution. Despite Hitler’s assurance that the S.A. would not compete with the Reichswehr Army of the Weimar Republic in Document A1, the rapid rise in Brownshirts and the enormous size of the S.A. Army compared to the Reichswehr Army, displayed in Document A2, signified the strength of the National Socialist Revolution. In Document A4 Hitler assured that the single task of the S.A. was to assure the victory of the National Socialist Revolution within Germany. However, Hitler’s gratitude towards Roehm is a result of Roehm’s ability to increase Hitler’s power. Once Hitler became Chancellor, the importance of the S.A. diminished. In Document B4, General von Blomberg assured that the Reichswehr Army would back the new national socialists state. With the support of the Reichswehr Army, it was no longer necessary to have a separated S.A. Army. As Chancellor, Hitler slowly integrated the two armies by stressing the importance of loyalty by placing the swastika on the uniforms of the Reichwehr Army, and allowing the minister of war to call upon the S.A., as shown in Documents B1 and B2. Hitler, realizing he was close to obtaining absolute power, began to consolidate various opposing parties, such as Bolshevik Communists and Liberal Capitalists. Although the S.A. was in no way an opposition to Hitler, it was …

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