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Hitler Essay

Adolf Hitler was famous for all of the wrong reasons. It was his hate for people that made him famous. Hitler seems to have changed life itself. He surpassed all of his predecessors. But through all of his hate, he did teach us one valuable thing.
Hitler taught mankind that even if you fail at your goals, have a very frustrating life, and have very strong opinions on subjects others may dislike, you can still succeed. He had an unhappy childhood and a frustrating adolescence. A close family was never there for him. This did not bring him down, or stand in his way. Hitler had dreams of becoming an artist or an architect, but his works were never very popular. This failure did not stop him. The man had an endless hatred of Jews. He hated that they were even living. Others disapproved of this, and looked down on him for it. So we did learn some valuable things from this man. He taught us to stand up for what you believe in, do not let the past bring you down, and do not let a failure stop you. Hitler's impact on the world was not a good thing though.
Adolf Hitler brutally murdered over six million Jews. He had a lifelong hatred of them, and in 1935 began to take action. He had the Nuremberg Laws passed, which deprived Jews of their citizenship, and prohibited marriages between Jews and non-Jews. This was only the beginning. Hitler was not satisfied. In 1940, during the beginning of World War II, he began to enslave the Jews. They were killed in concentration camps, gas chambers, firing squads, and starved to death. Many of the Jews moved to other countries, including America. It effected the United States because the Jewish population is now a significant percent of our entire population. The Jewish culture also contributed to our American culture. Hitler effected the United States through his inhumane treatment of the Jews in Germany.
Not being a professional historian, I took on this essay with fear. This is because Adolf…

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