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Hitler Essay

Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist's success came at a time when Germany was overrun by a failing democracy, inflation, and high unemployment.Germany and it's people needed someone to take a stance against was happening to them and someone who could at the same time bring them together as a nation at any cost, known or unknown.Hitler preached what the masses wanted to hear.He filled Germans with dreams, all the while deluding them to his ulterior, personal motives. In essence he was not only what Germany wanted, but also an enemy that they ultimately helped create.
The manipulation of a country and its people began when the ageing President Hindenburg appointed Hitler to chancellor in 1933 despite his personal feelings toward doing so.However, he gave into Hitler and his advisors because of Hitler's nation centered goals and the fact that he did not want/demand to implement any emergency decrees.This was Hitler's way of doing them a favor, "with a secret ambiguity he alone could appreciate."1 Adolf knew what he had to do to entice them into putting him into a leadership role, and once appointed he could now steer his National Socialist Regime at the expense of the those who favored his promised type of nationalistic government!He used a mixture of enticements, set-ups, and force to pass laws such as the Enabling Act of 1933.In which, he became the dictator for four years."From here on, cultural life in Germany was largely manipulated and made to serve the needs of the National Socialists."2Putting in full swing "the battle for hearts and minds"3 of the German people.
During Hitler's seizure of power he was very clever as to how to win the people of Germany over.He played to the emotions of the people. Gave them what they wanted, he helped them step out of the shadow of the Versailles Treaty and in doing so he gave them a sense of nationally so…

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