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Hitler Essay

Adolf Hitler was perhaps one of the most evil men in history of the world.When Hitler came into power he turned Germany into a fully militaarized society and launched World War II.There was a time during Hitler’s dictatorship that he had dominated most of Europe and North Africa.Hitler caused the slaughter of millions of Jews and others whom he considered inferior human beings.Hitler considered everything to be under him, he looked at his fellow humans as mere bricks in the world structure that he wished to erect.
Adolf Hitler performed many hateful acts during his time as the dictator of Germany but, arguably thefirst time that his evil mind was seen by the rest of the world was soon after he was appointed chancellor in January of 1933.Hitler immediately took anti-Nazis to concentration camps where they were brutally killed.Hitler made it clear to the world that Germans had clear racial superiority to the rest of the world and the right to dominate all nations.In defiance of the treaty of World War I, Hitler launched hsi German rearmament.He sent troops to Rhineland, Czechoslovakia and Austria in order to put them under German control.Once they were under his control, he brutally killed many of the people residing there, including the Jews.
Hitler was able to display his aggression in taking small European counties basically because of two reasons.One reason is that the leaders of most Western European counties wanted to rely on the policy of appeasement with pride.The wanted to negotiate with Hitler then fight him.The other reason that greatly helped Hitler was the German people’s belief in him.The politically immature people of Germany were in strong craving for masterful leadership.During the time of war Hitler offered the Germans protection against Marxism and fought communism with its own weapons.For this the Germans gave him a complete dictatorship and showed that they had faith in h…

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