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The origin of the "Final Solution" the Nazi plan to exterminate the Jewish people,
remains uncertain. In May 1933, the Nazi party decreed that any book which acts
subversively on our future or strikes at the root of German was the be burnt.
Students carrying banners toured the streets, rifling libraries, synagogues, and private
homes. Works of philosophers, rationalists, poets, and internationally acclaimed authors,
which had until then formed part of universal studies, were thrown into the flames.
What is clear is that the genocide of the Jews was the culmination of a decade ofNazi policy, under the rule of Adolf Hitler. (www.ushmm.org.) The "Final Solution was implemented in stages. Hitler didn't let Jews have a business or work in hey places. He also made Jews where a tag showing that they are Jewish. The Nazi launched a violent attack on the Jewish community. On November 9, Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish homes, business, and synagogues across Germany and murdered around 100 Jews. Jewish shop windows by the hundreds were systematically smashed. The street's was fill with broken glass, plates and trash . That's why the night of November 9 became known as the "Night of Broken Glass."
The tactics Hitler used during "Final Solution" period in 1939 Hitler established Ghettos in Poland. Ghettos is an area European Jews were forced to live in. They went to school in these ghettos they ate in the ghettos they could not leave the ghettos without a pass showing why they are leaving. Hitler made concentration camps prison camps constructed to hold Jews, Gypsies, political and religious opponents, resisters and homosexuals. Before the end of World War II, more than 100 concentration camps had been created across German-occupied Europe.(www.ushmm.org.)
He created death camp were people were murdered in assembl

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