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Hitler Essay

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889. He was born in Austria in a town called Braunau. It is on the Inn River along the Bauariun German border. He was the son of a customs official. He went to Realschule a college preparatory school. He did good in school but then he started to failing and becoming very rebellious. In 1907, his mother died and he moved to Vienna. He tried to earn a living selling painting and post cards.
In May 1913, He tried to avoid being put into the Austrian military by not registering for conscription. After the outbreak of WWI he volunteered for the German Army. He was hurt twice and got several awards one of them was the Iron Crossfirst class. In 1919, he became a political officer in the Army.
In 1923 Hilter was arrested an thrown into jail. While he was in jail he got most of his ideas and this is where he wrote the book "Mein Kamph" meaing my struggle. After he was released he reconstructed the Nazi Party. In the September 1930 elections the Nazis polled 6.5 million people. He put six million of Germany's unemployed to work on a building program, a propaganda campaign to prepare the nation for war.
Hitler gained an alliance with Mossolini.On September 1, 1939 Hitler began World War IIwiththe invasion of Poland.On June 22, 1941 the German Army made advances on Russia called Operation Barbarossa.Hans Fran was told Poland would be thefirst place free of Jews. By July 1941 all the Jews were on the hit list.Hitler tried to make sure his name could not be connected with the decision to kill the Jews. " what can be communicated verbally should never be put in writing." quoted by Hitler. Hitler's henchmen took care of the killing and the cover up.In the fall of 1941 the execution started.By November thefirst 2,900 Jews were killed.Hitler said ," If we eliminate this Jewish plaque I will have accomplished something for humanity."

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