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History: Study Guide Essay

Define/ Identify: secede, sharecropping, 13. What were the main causes of the Civil War? 14. How did the union Army initially react to the desire by many blacks to serve in the military? 15. How effective was the Emancipation Proclamation in freeing the slaves? . In what capacity were the slaves in the South used during the Civil War? 17. What help did the Freedman’s Bureau provide the freed slaves? 18. Was the sharecropping system an effective way to get the slaves back to economic 19. How did the Southerners refer to the Reconstruction period? 20. Following the assassination of President Lincoln who became president and what was his stand on race relations? 21 . What was the idea behind the forty acres and a mule? 22. What institution did African Americans turn to as their main source of support? 23.

What contributed to the violence in the south during the Reconstruction period? 24. Define/latently: 13th, 14th; 15th Amendments, Hayes Compromise. 25. In which city was the ASK first formed? 26. Why was the UK Klux Klan successful as an organization in the south? 27. What was the Jim Crow institution? 28. Which political party did white southerners belong to and support soon after the Civil wan 29. What methods did southerners use in denying the ex-slaves the right to vote? 30. Why were Southern whites reacting violently to the education of Blacks? 31 .

How supportive was President Andrew Johnson of the Civil War Amendments? 32. What was the purpose of the Black Codes? 33. How powerful were black politicians during the Reconstruction period? 34. How did the Reconstruction Period end? 35. The arrival of millions of European immigrants to America after the end of the Civil War created what complications for the ex-slaves? 36. What was meant when southerners spoke of redeemed states? 37. How is white supremacy related to end of the Reconstruction? 38. What was Emmett Till’s crime that caused his murder? 40.

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What was significant about Emmett Till’s uncle (Moose Wright) testifying in court? 41 . What contributed to the success of the Montgomery bus boycott? 42. Why did Frederick Douglass describe the end of the Civil War as a victory for both Black and white people? 43. How did freedom mean different things for different people? 44. Why did African Americans form separate churches, schools and social organizations? 45. Why did Congress impose its own Reconstruction policies over those of President Andrew Johnson? 46. What were the top issues for African Americans during the Reconstruction

Period? 47. What political party did most southern whites belong to during the Reconstruction Period? 48. Why did southern whites violently oppose the education of freed slaves? 49. Even though Blacks outnumbered whites in many counties in the south, how were southern whites able to maintain power? 50. How did the Justice system fail African Americans in Dulia, Texas? 51 . According to the documentary “Slavery By Another Name” what was peonage? 52. Name some of the kind of behaviors by Blacks that were considered criminal after the end of slavery.

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