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History of North America: The Presence of Spain, France, and Britain Essay

The history of colonial North America revolves mainly around the class of England, France, and Spain in order to pick up control of the continent. Pioneers crossed the Atlantic for various reasons, and their legislature adopted distinctive strategies to their colonizing endeavors. These distinctions made both advantages and inconveniences that significantly influenced the New World’s destiny. France and Spain, for example, were administered via despotic sovereigns whose rule was supreme; their settlers went to America as servants of the King. The English colonists, then again, delighted in significantly more opportunity and could represent themselves the length of they took after English law and were faithful to the King. In addition, dissimilar to France and Spain, England energized movements from different countries, along these lines boosting its provincial population. By 1763 the English had built power in North America, having vanquished France and Spain in the French and Indian War. Nonetheless, those locales that had been colonized by the French or Spanish would hold national attributes that wait right up ‘till today.

The French were viewed more as trying to become friends with the Native Americans. They started alliances and didn’t plan of forcefully taking the Indian land. Instead the French more attentive in fur trade and bartering. The Indians were not too offended as they were with the British because the French did not claim so much land and always stayed with the trading post. The French were more focused on their economic achievement instead of taking land from the Indians.

Compared to French, the Spanish fiercely sought to overthrow the Native from North America. When arriving at the New World, Spanish came fully armed and ready to take over the land from 16th to the 18th centuries, which then the Spanish were called “conquistadors.” The Spanish were forcing the Natives to change everything about themselves…

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