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History of Cities Essay

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Through out this paper I will discuss, how and why thefirst cities began, from small villages into city form. I will tell how prominent cities formed through the years of the forth millennium BC, to where we are today.It is a coincidence that thefirst cities in time took place in the Middle East, one major trade city I feel was really important was Tepe Yahyâ. Tepe Yahyâ was a very important city in the Middle East facilitating trade between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley.From the south Arabia urbanization spread into Asian cities such as the Shang which was developing in the Yellow and Wei river valleys of Honanand Shensi, during the second millennium BC.
With the western spread of urbanization from the Indus Region to Europe, the city states of Crete formed, on the Greek islands, around the 2000 BC which led to hundreds of cities around 8th century BC of classical times.The glory of the Greek empire led into the Roman Empire, forming the city of Rome.Also during this time period in the New World the very large and influencing city of Teotipuancan was formed in 200 BC, of which I will also discuss. At around 400-500 AD with the fall of the Roman Empire many Mid-evil Cities were formed in Europe.The Mid-evil Cites led into the formation of London and Paris in 1500-1600 AD.In the Middle Ages I will talk about how exploring form Europe led to America forming New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, leading into the Industrial Revelation in 1750. In the final section of my paper I will discuss how the Industrial Revelation affected Rural-Urban Sprawl, leading us to where we are in cities today.
According to Bellan in The evolving City the definition of early city, "is a compact collection of buildings used and occupied by a local population that performs functions both for itself and for people who live elsewhere" (1) p.2 The arrivals of the earliest cit…

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