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Essay Examples on History of China Paper

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Paper type: Essay, Subject: China Economy

1st Essay Sample on History of China

Before the 19th century came China had stood as a leading civilization outranking the rest of the world with its immense education and knowledge in the arts and science field, but after that Chinas been facing several military defeats. After World War II, the Communists under MAO Zedong established a dictatorship that, while ensuring China’s sovereignty, imposed strict controls over everyday life and cost the lives of tens of millions of people. After he died his successor DENG Xiaoping gradually introduced market-oriented reforms. It wasn;t exactly bad because output quadrupled by 2000. Even though the economic controls are relaxed the political control remains tight.

In late 1978, China used to be a slow growing economy to a more market oriented system. Course now the market system is under strict communist control. The result has greatly aided GDP. As a matter of fact, it has been quadrupling since 1978. China had an estimated 1.3 billion citizens with a GDP of $5,000 per capita, even with this China still ranks the second largest economy in the world…with the United States rankingfirst.

The major gains in the country are agriculture and industry, especially along areas near Hong Kong and Taiwan; especially when foreign investment helped boost the profit acquired in domestic and exported goods. Because of the socialist government the leaders as well as the leadership in general the worst result of socialism, the problems lie in several issues. One, thedifficulty in collecting revenue due from provinces, businesses, and citizens. Two, reducing corruption and other economic crimes. Three, keep afloat the large state owned enterprises.

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Another and furthermore more important if not with all countries is pollution. This leads to the deterioration in the environment as well as soil erosion and the fall of the water table especially in Northern China. The erosion though creates more than just that.

2nd Essay Sample on History of China

China has a history that spans some 3,500 years.It is perhaps one of the oldest most “great-aged” human civilizations ever recorded.3,500 years of history is quite vast and many historians divide Chinese periods of political transformation and civil unrest’s into 3 categories: The imperial (Dynasty) era, onto the transition of the republican period, and onto the current communist stage of Chinese history.For the sake of simplicity, I will cover the period leading up to the rise of the communist party and the country’s transition to a socialist market-based economy.This period between 1949 and 1979 brought with it enormous transformations to traditional Chinese society.The “take-over” by a socialist regime in 1949 culminated in drastic structural and economic transformations, which have brought China to the forefront of the emerging global market. For most of its 3,500 years of history, China has been plagued with major famines, civil disturbances, and foreign occupation.To add to these unrest’s, the traditional Chinese economy was primarily rural and hundreds of millions of people were forced to coexist under this scarce subsistence. Prior to the socialist rule in 1949, China’s rural economy experienced a long slumber.Production techniques were, for the most part, unchanged and output rose just enough to keep up with population growth.The output growth that did occur seems to have been attributed to more intensive cultivation rather than rising farm productivity.According to the World Bank, China was among the world’s poorest countries just twenty years ago.80% of China’s population was living on incomes of less than US $1 a day.

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