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Essay Examples on History Final Paper

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1st Essay Sample on History Final

In this semester, we read many incredible survival stories of the youths under disastrous historical crisis. These characters, we read about, went through enormous of hardships and fears; but with courage and determination, many of them survived and lived on. However, in many cases, these characters did not begin their lives in miseries. Many of them, in fact, were born in the comfort of wealth and privilege. In this essay, I will discuss four wealthy families, which we read, and how the main characters benefited or not from its wealth; and also under what historical conditions that they lost their comfort of wealth.

Loung Ung, in First They Killed My Father, was born in upper middle class in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Her and her parents, three brothers, and three sisters lived in a big apartment on the third floor. Living on the third floor, in fact, symbolized the status of their wealth; since most well-to-do families lived above the ground floor to avoid dirt and noise. Her and her brothers and sisters were all getting proper education, and because of her father being the military police captain, they received many privileges such as sometimes watching movies for free. Even though she had many siblings, Loung Ung was much loved by her parents, especially her father.

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She had everything that the family could offer, until the Khmer Rouge drove her family out of their home. Khmer Rouge was the Cambodian Communists led by Pol Pot, who had been fighting against the weak and unpopular government of Lon Nol. With the help of the North Vietnamese Communists, Pol Pot was defeating the Nationalists’ troops. Eventually on April 17, 1975, the Khmer Rouge took the capital-Phnom Penh, where Loung Ung’s family lived. As soon as the takeover, they evacuated the city.

They told people that the Americans were going to bomb the city; but in fact, their intention was to get rid of the city folks and the intellectuals.

2nd Essay Sample on History Final

Between 1800-1850 Americans felt it was time to expand westward, industrialize, and gain nationalism to better the common man and woman and create a more social, powerful and wealthy country. Soon both common and wealthy men became national leaders and led the country to new worlds and places only thought possible in a dream. It pretty much started when Thomas Jefferson became president of the United States. He did a lot of important things like balancing out the congress with Hamiltonians and Republicans, and the war of 1812. But one of the most historical important things was the Louisiana Purchase.

When Jefferson paid $3 an acre he nearly doubled the original U.S size. After he purchased the new land, he wanted to know what was out there. So he sent out an expedition crew led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. It was a successful mission. It paved the way to move west.

Soon the industry part came around. Slavery was picking the cotton but it took a while to make it into yarn and into clothes. Then a man from Britain named Samuel Slater brought the plans for factories to America. Thefirst factories were made in New England because the factories used gears, which relied on one another to turn. So most factories used fast moving water to turn the main wheel.

Since New England had rproblem. The factories worked faster then cotton was picked. So the factories were stopped for a while. Then a man named Eli Whitney developed a machine called the Cotton Gin. This machine sorted as much cotton in one hour, then was picked my slaves in a day.

Soon the factories were up and running again. But one problem led to another. Soon cotton was running low to pick. So the U.S started heading west grabbing more lands to plant and pick cotton. Soon Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana were added to the U.S.

Now a new problem occurred, would these states be slave states or free states.

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