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History – Civil Rights Essay

If someone asked me what the most important event that happened in the 20th century and had the most affect on the United States of America, my answer would be the civil rights movement. The civil rights movement has changed modern America, it has enabled it to produce star athletes and top movie starts like Maurice Green, Will Smith. The civil rights movement is the revolution started by Afro-Americans in the 1950's and lasted until the late 1960's. It was a movement that rallied for equal rights to all citizens of America, no segregation in school, no segregation in restaurants. It eventually succeeded.
Thefirst person, which influenced and effectively started the civil rights movement was Rosa Parks, on the 1st of December 1955 she was arrested by the police in Montgomery for not giving up her seat to a white passenger. This was against the segregation laws. Later, E.D Nixon, a member of NAACP visited Parks and decided to plan a one day boycott of all buses. The boycott was a huge success and they continued to go on with it until the segregation of buses stopped. This went on for several months and steadily gained support from Americans citizens. In May 1956, the boycotters filed a suit in federal court. The suits charged that Montgomery's system of segregated buses were illegal. They demanded full equality on the buses, the court unanimously voted in favor of abolishing Montgomery's bus segregation law. The boycott had lasted 381 days and officially ended on December 21st 1956. This action started the civil rights movement because it gave the Afro-Americans belief that there was hope for fighting the justice system and the chance to win equality. It also proved that peaceful means of getting their objectives were better then running riot and hurting other people. This case also allowed Martin Luther King Junior to come to prominence because he was just the local church minister in Montgomery but after his su…

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