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Hills Like White Elephants Analysis Paper

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Paper type: Analysis , Subject: Hills Like White Elephants

The bar that the characters are seated at tell a lot about their relationship and what the e time period was like. Hemingway starts off by saying, “On this side there was no shade and no trees and the Snyder 2 station was between two lines of rails in the sun. This means that they are hi ding from the light, otherwise known as God’s judgment and society’s opinion. In this time period d abortion was not acceptable and they do not want to be judged. The American and Gig are state d outside of the bar because the inside is representing society.

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They do not want society or anyone e knowing about their conflict. In addition to the bar, the author also uses the train to portray the decision the eye will make. The train and its direction used in the setting represents change. The train the y are supposed to get on is an express train coming from Barcelona and going to Madrid, but we never really find UT if they take the train. Either way the train goes, which means having the a abortion or not, their relationship will change.

Hemingway also states that the train only stops for t woo minutes which symbolizes the short time they have to make a decision. Since they only have a quick time to make up their mind, whichever way the train goes it will cause a major turn in their relationship. Either decision they make they are scared for their relationship. Both the author’s and character’s view and portrayal of the setting are very IM portent in this story. Every element in the setting has a symbol that adds more detail to t e story.

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The reference to the hills in the beginning of the story gives us the first idea that s he is pregnant. Also, the bar gives us a lot of background on society and people’s opinion in t hat time. Although these elements were critical to the story, the train is the most important became use it shows us what a big difference a quick decision can make. Hemingway symbolized every diet ail through his use Of setting.

Hills Like White Elephants Analysis

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