Hells Angles

Topics: Crime

List three ways in which the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is deviant. Their vest and patches they wear. They engage in non-conformist behavior including anti-social, unpredictable and criminal behavior. The members of this club would not Join traditional associations. The places they choose to spend their time and the way they conduct themselves. For example they are known to be bar fly’s and have the tendency to intimidate, scare and bully non club members. . List three ways in which the Hells Angels Motorcycle club s allegedly criminal.

The club is often known to be alleged for committing violent crimes, dealing drugs, and trafficking in stolen goods. Extortion and being in the prostitution industry are more allegations. The most common crime that the Hells Angels are accused of is murdering their rivals. It has been said they use grenades, bombs, guns, knives, or whatever deadly weapon they can get their hands on.

They are well known to use ball ping hammers being that they are legal and easy to carry while riding a motorcycle.

3. List three ways the members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club are conformists. Many of the members attend well known community social events. They like to hold fund raisers, go on group road trips, and throw elegant parties in their up-scale living environments. They hold rides for charity such as Toys for Tots. They stick together like family. No matter what chapter you are from you are still a Hells Angel and everyone looks out for one another.

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