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Shouldn't people who choose not to send their children to public schools be compensated financially?????
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Thisfirst article sums up some very good things that vouchers could do to the education system of the United States.So fundamental differences, are that it would make it easier for under privileged children to attend more organized and developed private schools.Those children that live in areas that the schooling system cannot educate them in the way that they deserve.Schools that can teach children right from wrong are usually found in the private sectors and without this funding these children would not be able to attend them.Also this would remove racial barriers that have been set by the lower income levels in America.
Bush claims that by instilling a bit of money back to the people who choose to send there kids to private schools, it will increase the desire to send their children to these schools.They will in turn make the public schools improve their own work.Only in the parts of a state where the standardized scores are bad in the public schools will this work.Bush claims that if he does this then national scores will improve and so will our education systems.
In this article Dole claims that completion between the public and the private schools is essential in the improvement of schools.His plan calls for 1,500 dollars to go to each family that decides to do send their children to private institutions.He claims that he respects the teachers but if this is all going to work out then for higher interest and opportunities for all t

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