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Hektor Essay

Essay Topic:

Hektor, son of Priam and brother of Alexandros, is the greatest warrior of the Trojans.He is the Trojan whom the Achaians fear the most and more so since Zeus assists him in all his exploits.Zeus grants him his'arstesia' or honor almost thorough out the course of the war until Achilleus returns to avenge Patroklos' death
While all the Trojans are running inside the gates of Troy to escape the Achaians, Hektor stays back to fight against Achilleus.Though his father and mother beg him to come in and not fight alone he stays out because he feels that he'd lose his honor if he went inside (XXII 99 –110).But it is interesting to observe that his courage fails him as Achilleus draws near and he runs around Troy trying to escape him but then later turns around to face him.
The relation between Hektor and his wife, Andromache, is of a very special type not portrayed in any other relationships in the Iliad.Most mortal women in the Iliad are described as the objects of men with no deep relationship between the male and the female.But between Hektor and Andromache there exists a deep affection.There is strong'philos' or love between them that is portrayed in book VI 405- 493.
Helen also throws light to Hektor's kind and loyal character in book XXIV 767-775.His mother, Hekabe, describes him as "of all my sons the dearest by far to my spirit" (XXIV 748).He was admired by many of the gods including Zeus (XXIV 66-76).
Hektor plays a very important part in the Iliad and Homer describes him as a person who commanded a great deal of respect and admiration from his peers as well as the Gods.His death was inevitable since Troy had to fall but he died honorably and like a true soldier – fighting Achilleus.

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