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Hektor Priamus Paper

Chorus of Trojan Elders/advisers to King Priam
Hektor – a prince of the great city of Troy.He is the son of King Priam and Queen Hecabe, brother of Paris, husband of Adromache.He is the greatest warrior on the Trojan side during the Trojan War.Homer calls him "Man Killing Hektor" in his epic poem The Iliad.The play will focus on him before his mythic battle with Achilles.
Chorus of Trojan Elders/advisers to King Priam – these are the elderly statesman of the city of Troy.In my tragedy they are wise old who advise the royal family, namely King Priam.
King Priam – the king of the city of Troy during the Trojan War.He is the father to many a prince and princess, in particular Hektor, Paris, and Cassandra.In my play I will try to portray Priam primarily as a father concerned for his valiant son, and secondly as a noble king trying to raise the spirits of his besieged people.
Aeneas – the cousin of the great Hektor of Troy.A tremendous warrior and statesman, who is second only to Hektor.His strength was so great that even the Acheans greatest warrior, Achilles, thought twice before engaging him in battle.In myth he is also called the founder of the great city of Rome.In the play he will be seen as Hektor's best friend and comrade.
Paris – a prince of Troy.He is seen as the "pretty boy" who started the Trojan War by going to Sparta and fleeing with King Menelaus' beautiful wife Helen.He is not much of a warrior compared to his other brothers and cousin Aeneas, yet it is through him that Apollo puts an end to the life of Achilles.He will also be used as a messenger type character due to the problems that arise when you are limited to only three actors.
Adromache – the loving wife of Prince Hektor.She has a young son with Hektor named Astyanax.Like her father in law Priam, she too is concerned for the well being of her beloved Hektor.She …

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