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Heat Lab Activity – Global Warming and Radiation Essay

Global warming is the presence of too many greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and sometimes it happens naturally.Global warming means that the Earth is going to get hotter. The greenhouses trap the Sun’s heat inside. When burning coal and oil for energy, the gases are released into the atmosphere and that causes the Sun’s energy to get stuck in Earth’s atmosphere. That causes Earth to warm up quickly. Global warming can cause more powerful storms and rising water in the oceans. Global temperature over the last 10,00 years has gone up 1 degree every 1,000 years. It may be possible that global warming increases the average temperature of the Earth. When global warming heats up the Earth, it has an effect on animal life and their surroundings. Radiation cannot be seen by people or animals. Radiation does not have a taste or smell. Small amounts of radiation are not harmful to humans. Large amounts can be harmful. Nuclear waste leaks radiation and that energy harm living things. Radiation works as particles which make up molecules and atoms. They give off infrared waves, this is a type of electromagnetic energy. The waves cause the particles to vibrate and when the particles vibrate they give off heat. Greenhouses collect radiation and the sunlight increases the heat. In a greenhouse the sunlight warms the benches and floor, the warm objects heat the air, the air is trapped by the double layer of glass that keeps the light. The sunlight comes in and warms the Earth up and also warms up the gases in the air. The greenhouse gases are mixed evenly through all of the atmospheres. The greenhouse effect causes global warming. The atmosphere holds the greenhouse gases and that creates global warming. Global warming can happen naturally, but it also could be started from the greenhouse gasses being trapped in the atmosphere. Usually, the gas goes into outer space but it can be trapped, because of the greenhouses. That is the relationship betw…

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