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“Heart of a Dog” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Heart of a Dog”

As long as there is free time, I decided to write a review, especially because the atmosphere is more than literary: the night, hot Fervex, cold, well, everything as it should be

So, with this work, I met first through the film, but it was in. a strange form. I was only a little years and watch it I was bored, no matter how many parents say that it’s a classic, good humor, etc. I still could not bring myself to look at the long black-and-white picture with endless dialogue. So I did and watched pieces, at different times, and of course did not understand what there is in fact such an interest.

As time passed, I grew up, he remembered, made it to the film I looked. It is difficult to say that I then realized that self looked a film, I think I have something to understand but before the end still do not feel the meaning.

Then the film is constantly reviewed and each time more and more information was vyuzheno from it. And now, finally, I got to the book, as I expected, the book was 99% identical to the film (well, that is, on the contrary). I, like most of the current generation does not know much about those years, so the book is probably perceived by its. I think this is a piece that is worth reading more than once, you need to rasprobovat it. No matter how I tried the original meaning I still do not fully understand, but their findings do it. At least this quote can be attributed to most of the people of our society – “That is he talking about? This does not mean to be a man. ».

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It seems to me that this product, whatever it was wonderful, will last for one or two generations, and probably the majority of classical literature. It grieves, because despite the fact that the book was written almost 100 years ago, there are topics that are relevant to the present day, and it’s like nothing else it shows all the talent of the writer. And of course I want to note that this is the first film adaptation of the viewed me is definitely not worse than the book.

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