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Employers and employees must comply with the duties set out in out which are as follows: Section 2 places a duty on employers for the health, safety and welfare of employees by consulting with read union safety representatives on health and safety matters within workplace. Moreover, employers with more than five employees should prepare written health and safety policy and bring it to the notice of employees.

Section 3 requires employers to make sure that non employees who may be affected but work are not exposed to their health and safety. Section 4 requires ensuring that the premises, plant and machinery do not harm the people using It.

Section 5 requires the prevention and control of harmful, noxious or offensive emissions into the atmosphere. Section 6 places duties that designers, manufacturers and suppliers are that the articles and substances provided are safe to use.

Section 7 requires the employee to take care of him or her and any of other who may be affected by his or her actions. And also require the employee’s cooperation with their employer in health and safety issues. Section 8 requires employees to not Interfere or misuse anything provided in the Interest of health and safety.

This brief sets out to identify health and safety legislation and procedures applied in Food retail industry McDonald’s. Background From the article published on leading newspaper on 2nd April 2008, McDonald’s at Leister has been fined a total of almost 40000 after a worker was badly injured following a fall.

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During hearing in the court, the company admitted breaching health and safety regulation. Worker also complained about the failure to correctly complete an accident investigation form, and also there had been failure to complete a falls risk assessment which would have averted the accident.

Safety Circle Mcdonalds

After that accident, McDonald’s has a strong health and safety culture and then design of kitchen had en altered and safety upgraded. So It Is very Important that food Retail Industry company McDonald’s should take health and Safety of their employers seriously and therefore in safety procedures are been discussed in rest of the briefing paper. One of the major priority of Macdonald is to ensure the safety of employees, customers and visitors. Co-operation on the part of us all is vital to the success of the Health & Safety Policy.

Every staff have their own responsibilities to ensure that the risk of Injury or Ill health Is enameled. As with all other aspects of business , Macdonald re continually Improving tenet performance Day measuring gallant standards Ana reviewing safety progress on daily basis. Negation of health and safety requirement is considered as the serious breach of discipline. Employee Responsibilities in McDonald’s As being the employee of Macdonald, there are various responsibilities one needs to follow to ensure health and safety at workplace.

First and foremost to take reasonable care for health and safety of oneself and other persons who may be affected by your acts or omissions at work; In order to fulfill company statutory obligations and comply with company policy, employee needs to cooperate with management teams and other crew member. All the safety rules and procedures must be carefully observed and PEP should be worn all the time when handling any risky objects and any safeguards provided shouldn’t be misused or recklessly interfered with anything in interest of health and safety.

Managers should have responsibilities for training and supervising the crew members during the shift and have to ensure that staffs are adhering to correct procedures. Witness of Heath and Safety Hazard If any specific health or safety hazard which is not covered in rules book, comes to attention then one should isolate the area or equipment immediately and report to the shift manager. Likewise every restaurant , Macdonald also has a Hazard Reporting Book ,where any seen hazard must be recorded.

And Failure to record the hazard in that book provided will be treated extremely seriously and results in disciplinary action. Informed about health and safety issue One of the internal part of all procedures is Health and Safety. Additional specific training is provided to employees as a part of training courses in line with susceptibilities provided. Health and safety manual is provided at each restaurant the gives the details of Additionally specific training in safety matters is included in various training courses in line with your responsibilities.

A Health & Safety Manual is provided at each restaurant and gives details of the organization and arrangement for implementing and developing health and safety policy,Risk statements for various tasks, equipment and chemicals handling, safety bulletins are provided to highlight safety issues in regular interval. Staff and management held safety circle tenting to review the progress and effectiveness of safety within the restaurant in regular basis. Macdonald always involves the participation of crews and managers in the development and operations of health and safety policy.

Opportunities are provided to crews and manager to address any safety measures or any concern at safety circle meetings. Additionally, any specific or general comments on health and safety matters is always welcomed any time by contacting the managers. A Risk Assessment As with any workplace, there is a risk of injury or ill health to yourself and other if not now about hazards. So one has make sure to follow company policies and procedures when handling with hazards. Incase of Accident All injuries must be reported to manager and shift managers must ensure that their first aid qualification is up to date.

If any accidents occurs in the shift then it should be recorded on accident book. The checklist inside the accident book also highlights ten legal Dilation to report spectacles types AT Injury to employees, essences Trot work following an injury , or incidents known as “Dangerous Occurrences” to the Local Authority within strictly defined time period. The shift managers is reprehensible for the communicating the accurate information to Hygiene & Safety Department within right period of time for the company to fulfill its statutory duties.

Health and Safety Procedure at McDonald’s Every staff working in McDonald’s must complicity with following heath and safety procedure while working in restaurant: Firstly Uniform must be neat and clean including apron. Hair must be way from face, completely under hat. Hand must be washed using correct methods. Hands must be washed and dried thoroughly whenever contaminated. Hands must be washed every 30 min when working in itched an in every hour when working front counter, drive-thru or dining area. Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls Commonly occurred accident in workplace is slip and fall.

The following procedure must be followed to ensure safety for everyone: Floor should be always kept clean by sweeping and mopping the floor with fresh Solidness Floorer Solution. Wet Floor sign must be placed on the area when needed. Mopping should be avoided during busy periods. Any spillages seen should be cleared straight away and wet floor sign should be placed near spillage. Never run. Correct shoes must be worn overtime. Shoes must have good grip, be enclosed,comfortable and clean. Trip hazards must be avoided by not leaving boxes, cables or other obstruction near doorways or where others might trip over.

Working at Height Whenever working in height ,either to access items or for cleanliness step ladders must be used all the time. Following procedures must be applied when using step ladders: Ladders steps must be clean and dry. Ensure steps are in good condition and are clean and dry Ladders should be fully open with side bars locked into position. Standing on the top two steps should be avoided. Never lean sideways. Always climb down and the steps should be repositioned. Help should always be asked when needed. Standing or standing on equipment, chairs or stock room shelves should be avoided.

Roof access is restricted to Managers and Service Engineers, unless otherwise stated. Preventing Burns There are various equipment in Macdonald which are operated at high temperatures and can cause burn and injuries. Following procedures should be applied to prevent from burn: Upper grill platens must be closed and left ‘standby hen not in use. All equipment must be left to cool down prior to cleaning. Toasters are lowered or locked before moving them. Extra care should be taken when pouring and serving hot drinks to customer.

Handling Vats and Hot Oil Vats shouldn’t be cleaned or filtered by someone who are not trained to do so. Protective clement must De worn when Telling Ana cleaning vats 011 consultant be discarded unless it has cooled below ICC and have been trained to do so. Vat covers should always be on place when cleaning and pulling vat. While topping up vat,to avoid splashing it should be poured to front edge. If someone is burnt, call the Shift Manager or the designated First Eider. Fire Precautions Fire doors must be closed at all times to prevent fires spreading.

Fire exits must be clear at all time to allow evacuation in event of fire. Doors shouldn’t be disconnected with door closers or wedges. Every staff working in restaurant should know the fire exits location, alarm call points and assembly points. Smoking is prohibited within all restaurant areas. There is separate smoke area away from the restaurant. Be Alert Be alert for situations that might lead too fire, such as: Gas Doors Damaged plugs, sockets or cord. Extra rubbish from overflowing bin. Managers should be informed immediately in case of any fire safety risks.

General Evacuation Procedure In the event of fire the nearest fire alarm is activated. One should only tackle the fire if been trained to do so or else should be reported to shift managers. Restaurant should be left medially with nearest exit available. Even on the case of hearing the alarm,one should leave by nearest exist and proceed to assembly point and report to anger immediately. The important things to remember are DO NOT stop to collect personal belongings,use any lifts and do not return to building until authorized.

Use of Fire Extinguisher Extinguishers are made for different types of fire and one should know which one to use and how to use Lifts and Carrying Following are the procedures when lifting and carrying any objects in restaurant. Using chemicals All chemicals and substances used in McDonald’s are safe to use when used in correct way. Instructions on the packaging should always be followed and extra care would be taken handling it. Read the label. There are different chemicals for different Job so to ensure proper cleaning right chemicals should be used. In order to minimize the risk of chemical contamination, chemicals shouldn’t be transferred from one container to other and should never be mixed. Hand should be washed after handling chemicals. And managers should be informed if any skin irritations arise. Chemicals should be stored away from food and food packaging areas. Working Outside Some of Jobs should involve working outside such as assisting delivery, taking orders room cars in drive thru. In such case high-visibility vest or Jacket should be worn.

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