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Health information manager Paper

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For there to be effective health management, there is need for the establishment of effective management procedures at each and every stage in the strategic management of the health institution. These strategic activities encompass planning and implementation, as well as monitoring and strategy evaluation.

A health institution needs to have timely as well as quality and accurate information contents, to make its most crucial decisions. In order to achieve their goals and objectives in their operations, most business organizations have established a set of descriptions for the job position of a health manager, and the accompanying roles and objectives in that position.

In a health institution, a health information manager is supposed to have access to reliable and current data, as well as relevant to the business operations.

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This is to enable them to use this kind of information to monitor, as well as evaluate the general performance of the health organization in relation to the determined standards of performance. This will therefore improve on the operations of the health institution, as its coverage as well as the quality of services delivery is enhanced to high levels.

The research paper will discuss the job position of a health information manager, in relation to the job description accorded, the roles as well as the responsibility bestowed to a person in such a position.

An analysis will be made on the ethical dilemma involved in this job position, and also the career path anticipations held for a person who occupies the position of a health information manager.

Health information managers

The profession of health information management encompasses the managers and specialists, as well as the technicians in the expert systems, as well as the various processes involved in information management.

Some of the processes involved in health information management include planning, which involves the activities of establishing strategic and functional goals of a health institution, among other user requirements in relation to health information (Harman & American Health Information Management Association, 2006).

There is also the process of engineering, which involves the designing of information flow within and outside a health organization, by using techniques like the data models and health terminologies.

The administration process forms part of the processes in the health information management, which involves the activities of data collection, storage and transfer as well as retrieval of information.

Application processes are involved, so as to analyze, classify and interpret the data collected as well as the coding of the data collected. This is a way of facilitating the application of information by the other users. Finally, policies are applied in the establishment as well as the implementation of the information security, accessibility and integrity (Johns, 2002).

As discussed in (Johns, 2002), the job position of a health information manager requires that persons holding that position to apply their knowledge. This knowledge should be relevant to the health care processes, human resource management and administration as well as health records and information management.

These applications are intended to achieve the medical, ethical and administrative requirements as well as the legal requirements, which are involved in the health care system (Alshawi et al 2003).


There are a number of tasks that a health information manager is expected to perform. These tasks are likely to shift with the changes in the general environment factors.

Even though in most situations the job title of the health information manager will establish the actual demands to be met by a person occupying such a position: in the actual sense the health information manager is expected to carry out tasks, which are associated to health information managements well as the systems used to acquire, store and transmit such kind of information.

This is done without laying emphasis on the physical medium, which was used to maintain such kind of information (Pozgar, 2007).

Some of the tasks that a health information manager is expected to perform include; planning and developing the relevant health information systems in relation to the various health care resources, which are available within a given health institution.

These resources would include facilities like the computerized patient identification systems. This involves activities of coding and assessment of the state of diseases and procedures, as well as the design of the various health records forms.

The health information manager is expected to carry out revisions and tests on the levels of effectiveness of the already existing health information system. This especially in the health record services, which are being applied in the hospitals and other various health care institutions (Mcway online).

About the author

This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on Health information manager and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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