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Hawaiian Sugar Plantation Essay

In the 1890's, plantation owners devised a plan to use and maintain their cheap labor.Early laborers consisted of mainly Japanese and Chinese origin. Fear of strikes from Japanese laborers occurring and running their plan to continue the cheap labor to the ground caused managers to recruit other workers from other countries.When the contract labor system was terminated, the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association organized ways to keep wages low. One way they constituted their plan was to form wage-fixing agreement between the plantations.Even with laws and restrictions going against immigration of more people from other countries, the association just resorted to other sources of legal labor.. They find workers from other countries like Philippines and Korea. When strikes did break out, it was resolved, such as the 1920 strike in Oahu.Numerous strategies were improvised and were maintained for a period of time to keep wages low, but the efficiency wore down as numerous attempts were made by laborers to counter strike with their ways of retaliation.
Many sugar plantation laborers were mainly from China and Japan (Takaki, 25). Chinese and Japanese workers were placed on the plantation together to phase off the possibility of disputes or strikes with plantation owners.Thefirst tactic they used was combining Chinese laborers with Japanese laborers, regulating a certain ratio of 2/3rd between the Chinese and Japanese (Takaki, 26).Their hypothesis was that the feud or disputes between the two races would occupy them enough to prevent them from causing an opposition upon the owners.Their plan to use Chinese to dilute the Japanese population on the field was shot down after the annex of Hawaii to The United States Of America.Chinese immigrants were not allowed because immigration laws.In place of the Chinese, Koreans were brought in with the notion that they had enmity toward Japanese.Korean workers started to…

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