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Hate Propaganda used by Hitler Essay

Throughout the Nazi parties reign Hitler successfully used hate propaganda to exploit the grievances, fears and desires of the German populace to ensure his political parties success particularly throughout World War II. Hitler's use of negative propaganda effectively manipulated the German people into supporting anti-Semitism, the discrimination against Jews or Judaism. Hitler felt that the public needed to be inundated with the ideology of the state at all times and through all mediums. To do this, he said “everything from child’s story-books to the last newspaper, every theater, every cinema and every advertisement hoarding must be brought into the service of this single mission.”(1) The continual use of hate propaganda ultimately brainwashed the German people into hating all Jews and believing they were responsible for all their nations grievances.
The surrender of Germany after World War I (1914-1918) and the following Treaty of Versailles left the German people with a great many grievances, desires and fears. The Treaty was negotiated by the five major powers responsible for defeating Germany: the United States of America, Britain, France, Italy and Japan. Under the main conditions of the Treaty Germany was to accept guilt in causing the war, pay reparation up to £6,600 million, surrender all its colonies and specified key areas, limit its military as well as demilitarize specific key areas, ban the union of Austria and itself and finally the provision for trial of the Kaiser and other key military leaders. Regardless of Germany's situation it was only until the Great Depression of 1929 that an already crippled German economy was at its knees. The German people believed they had suffered long enough under the Treaty of Versailles and became desperate for an answer to their increasing problems. From this depression rose the Nazi political party lead by Adolf Hitler. His captivating speeches and public displays o…

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