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Hate: Love and Emotion Paper

Walking down the school’s hallway you see a couple that cant seem to take their hands off each other. Then you walk a little farther and witness two boys punching one another. These separate emotions are two of the strongest we may ever experience. They are love and hate. Both can cause you to do crazy things, yet they are opposites. Love is an emotion that lifts people’s spirits and makes you cheerful. Hate can start fghts and leads to unhappiness. Though these two emotions are complete opposites, they are also related. Love is an easy emotion to identify.

You can see it everyday between couples, families, friends and religion. Having love in your life means that people are always there to support you or catch you when you fall. If you are someone conveying love towards others, you will be easy to become friends as well. For example, if you dad decided to leave you mom for someone else, you can be extremely hurt by someone you loved. Another disadvantage would be obsession. This can happen when a couple things they are in love but Just want to have someone in their life to show affection for. A family member passing away can cause you pain as well.

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This pain can force you to feel another emotion, hate. Hate is another emotion that is easy to organize, You can see it in our world today between countries at war. This emotion is completely opposite of love. When you experience this emotion, you feel enraged and need to let you anger out. A few ways you can let this anger out are to vandalize a building, severely hurting someone or screaming at someone. For instance, if you vandalize a building, it can cause you to be in trouble with police. Hurting a person also carries the same consequence. Screaming only causes you to hurt others feelings.

Though hatred has it’s obvious disadvantages there are a number of advantages to it. Hatred can keep you from dangerous acts. For example, people can hate smoking. This means you won’t be hurting your body. An emotion like hatred can have both its positive and negative effects. Both love and hate are strong emotions conveyed in opposite ways. These emotions can also lead from one to the other. A person can love someone and once that person hurts them deeply, it causes them to hate them. Hating someone can also lead to love ith time and patience with one another.

These emotions are two of the strongest in the world. Another way these emotions are similar is that both can be represented with the color red. This could be silly or may be completely something people need to understand. You may never actually love a person, but you may never actually hate someone either. If your best friend screws up one day, you won’t hate them forever, and if you love someone, you will always love them. It’s a twisted world that plays with our heads but fact is, it’s life, get over it. Hate: Love and Emotion By huuhuhuhu

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