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Harriet Tubaman and Nat Turner Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner were abolitionists who strongly believed that all slaves should be free. Though they didn’t succeed in some of their goals they inspired other abolitionist and slaves that they should fight for freedom. Nat turner was born into slavery in Virginia. As he was growing up he was known as a prophet because he learned how to read the bible at the early age. He later on became a Christian preacher Nat turner’s owners let him preach because they believed it would civilize slaves.Turner did not like that slave owenersz were cruel to slavesTurner started to have visions of slave revolts. There was one vision that he took as sign to rebel he heard a voice telling him that he should take the burden of Christ and fight against evil which were the his owners and that he should led the other slaves to rebel against their owners. Turner wanted to change slavery by making a rebellion.By doing a rebellion white owners would be afraid they would be killed and they would have to free slaves Turner united with other slaves at night and plans their rebellion. Since Turner believed he was Gods prophet he waited signs from God on when to rebel. Not every slave knew about His plan in killing slave owner families he knew that some body will betray him. Turners methods were violent once he killed one family he would go to the next farm and kill another family some slaves from other farms joined him. Harriet Tubman another abolitionist was born in Maryland she was also born into slavery.As she grow up being a slave she married a free black man John Tubman Harriet Tubman was a semi slave she was still a slave but she could live with her husband. When she decide to go north she knew her husband would refuse to go north with her so she left him behind. Tubman wanted slavery end abolitionist cause she joined other abolitionist who wanted to end slavery. She met abolitionist in the under ground railroad. She h…

Harriet Tubaman and Nat Turner

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