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Harlem Renaissance Essay

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During the 1920’s and 1930’s a new social, literary, and spiritual growth was spreading
throughout the African American culture. It was a time of self-discovery and cultural revival.
Black literature, art, and Jazz music became very abundant to even the white man as they
became increasingly interested in the "New Negro" movement. This was much more than just an
intellectual movement for the African American people, it included writings and poems that
forever changed the African American lifestyle into a culture that was very unique and proud of
Harlem was where all this took place. As word got out and African American culture
expanded many black families from around the world migrated to Harlem. Harlem was a place
where they could celebrate their pride in culture, they could be free for the most part, not having
to worry about being seen walking down the street, and they could bring their past to life and
show the white people what they had to offer. Harlem brought out the best in the African
American community. It was a magical, transforming place where African American's could
begin a new life, where they had much greater opportunity to succeed. Through the arts African
American's wanted to bring their culture back together.
For thefirst time African American's felt like they could speak their mind, through this
discovery they deeply impacted all fields of art and entertainment. They viewed writing as a way
to express themselves, a way to forget about the bad life they had lived. As Harlem became more
and more popular and more people moved in, the job opportunities rose drastically. The blacks
were able to get jobs as entertainers in club's like The Cotton Club, they were able to work as
columnists and writers for Harlem's own magazines and newspaper, and many as free-lance
writers, poets, and essayists who were published by curious white men. As…

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