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Reimer Claussen Paper

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Hans Reimer Claussen: a Man of Nationalism, Hans Reimer Claussen remains an important historical figure in our lives today.His actions epitomize an ideal democratic and politically centered citizen. He stood up for what he believed in, he expected the same for others even if they had a differing opinion.He once said, “I wish my political enemies the same freedom to express their opinions that I claim myself…It is my opinion that freedom to express one’s own opinions must be pushed as far as possible.” (Pg. 31 La Vern J. Rippley).Claussen also detested sightless accommodating of authority, “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” (Albert Einstein).Claussen’s reasons for leaving Germany stemmed on the fact that he did not believe a man’s money, power, and breeding made him a superior leader.Claussen worked actively for reforms in politics and the legal system, and was an active pioneer of democracy for nine years before he came to the United States.Preceding his immigration to America he was one of the leaders of the failed Schleswig-Holstein revolution in 1848.In this country he served as a judge, an attorney, a state senator, and also a business owner.Claussen demonstrated his feelings of nationalism, his love of democracy, and his liberal attitude. “Nationalism was based of an awareness of being part of a community that has common institutions, traditions, language, and customs.” (Pg. 620 Spielvogel). Uniting Germany became a major goal of The Frankfurt Assembly, and of Claussen’s.In a speech at the Frankfurt Assembly, he demanded a liberal democratic central authority for the whole of Germany, “For it is not a constitutional monarchy that we want to create rather, it is a republic… I have not lost love for my Danish Prince Fredrich VIII, none at all, not the slightest bit.” (Pg. 23 Rippley). He told the Assembly that the proble…

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