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Haemon vs Creon Essay

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Haemon enters and tells his father he will accept his ruling, due to the fatherly authority Creon has over him.Haemon refers to him as his "good advisor" and will follow any path Creon sees fit.This pleases Creon because as he sees it, his "word is law in all things."He goes on ranting on the importance of a good son and advises him to forget Antigone.Creon tells Haemon she has gone against his orders and he does not want his people to see him break his word.Despite their kinship he, "If I bring up my own family To flout me, there will be no holding others.A man who sees his family obey him Will have authority in public matters.Creon believes that "disobedience is the worst of evils," and that discipline is what holds everything together, "so we must stand up for law and order" to keep the city together. Haemon interjects with the backing of reason which "the gods endow mankind with," suggesting that his father not be so rash in his decision.He is not going against his father; he just wants him to "wear on open mind."
The rest of the debate supports the fact that Sophocles seems to favor Haemon's views on political authority.The playwright makes the reader side with Haemon due to justice and reason. For example, by comparing Creon to the tree that does not bend is an awesome analogy; the reader knows what happens in the end and what eventually will overcome in the end.Also all the rebuttals from Haemon in reply to his father's "childish" remarks make for a better argument of justice within reason, as opposed to his father's reasoning–this is my word, hence, the law.

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