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Had Large Impact on Society Essay

Is new and better technology being researched and developed to help improve human life. It seems that by the time you purchase the newest top of the line flat screen television, computer, car, etc. And get home there’s already something newer, better and/or faster Just released to the public. Technology has changed the way we live our daily lives and will continue to evolve. During this paper I will discuss five different types of technology that I consider to be breakthrough and changed the way society lives in a positive manner.

It is hard to pinpoint the exact date because of the different prototypes and first enervation versions but in the us and ass’s two companies IBM and Apple began producing desktop/personal computers to the public. The computer changed the way almost everything is done for the world. It made calculations, communication, storage for individuals and businesses faster, better, and more efficient. The evolution of the computer has come a long way since then, and has changed how everything Is done.

It has made the phone and postal mall almost obsolete In certain cases, because It makes It faster and easier to complete certain tasks that would take much longer doing by the human brain and/or hands. The computer also made the typewriter obsolete with its ability to generate paperwork faster, cleaner, and easier to go back and edit. The second biggest technology breakthrough I’d like to discuss is the internet. A government developed in the ass, which later was decided to benefit to the public changed everything including advancing the use of the computer even more.

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One main reason the internet is a breakthrough is research. The internet is overloaded with useful information which is available at the click of a button. Students rarely need to visit a library anymore because all the Information can be obtained through search engine within seconds from the comfort of their home. It some cases a student even download a book to read rather than purchase or rent from the library which saves money and time. Businesses use features such as emails or electronic transactions to buy/sell products by the Internet making It easier for consumers and other businesses to do business.

This allows for more revenue and faster turnaround for everyone. Email is used to communicate rather than by mail. What used to take days to come by posted mail now takes seconds. The internet can be used even for easier communication such as meetings via internet. Instead of traveling to do business or discuss matters with other people or businesses voices and live video feed can be used with computers and the internet at a moments notice. Now even with internet connections available wirelessly from practically anywhere it has become even that much more efficient and convenient.

The third technology breakthrough for my paper Is the cell phone. The first mobile phone was Invented In the 1 cays which was nothing compared to what we consider a mobile cellular phone In 2009. The cell phone allows an Individual to be contacted at anytime and anywhere, signal permitting. Today’s pricing, features, and quality of cell pones NAS mace teen Marlene pone almost out AT commission so to speak. Some people don’t even bother having a home phone with the hustle and busy schedules people keep today.

The cell phone can surf the internet at high speeds, email, display high quality video output, take photographs, record videos, store large size computer files, text message other cellular devices, instant messenger via internet connection, play video games and music, and fits in a pant pocket comfortably with no wires attached it’s no wonder why so many people have one. It even has made some computer features obsolete. All these features available virtually anywhere in the world from a small handheld portable device was never expected 20 years ago. Another technology breakthrough is the automotive GAPS.

The automotive global positioning system has changed the automobile forever and the way transportation/ traveling is done forever. The release of the first automotive GAPS system was in the early ass’s which is said to be by Honda. The GAPS system is replacing the common map and websites such as Manifest. Current models allow users to plan a trip at he use of a touch screen device that has up to date maps. GAPS system can display travel time, distance, step by step directions, direct users with a computerized voice, warn of traffic patterns, accidents, construction, etc. ND provide alternate routes. This makes driving safer, faster, and gives a feeling of peace of mind. Drivers don’t have to try and read a map while driving or get stuck in traffic ever again. The GAPS system now even comes standard some newer vehicles built into the center console with other features such as something simple as a CD player. GAPS systems are now also used by businesses as well and have helped a great deal. Businesses who are involved in automotive transportation or deliveries use GAPS systems to plan daily routes making them faster and more efficient.

This makes it that much better for the buyer and seller. It also allows for improved fuel efficiency by shortening travel times. With the issues we have with oil/gas prices currently that can help make an impact on your average driver or a business. The final breakthrough in my opinion is the creation of the MR. machine. This machine invented in the ass’s by Dry. Damning changed the medical industry forever. This device has saved many lives and I personally have received the benefits of this machine.

The MR. allows for a full internal scan of the human body with the use of magnets. It can catch early signs of diseases such as cancer or internal infections. Early detection of cancer using MR. machines has many lives and made the road to recovery much smoother for patients. If it wasn’t for Mrs. I most likely would have lost my Uncle to lung cancer. The MR. caught early signs of cancer and allowed for plenty of time to correct the problem and prevent his early death. This is Just one of many of the benefits of an MR. machine.

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