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Gung Ho Cultural Differences Paper

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Gung HO There are many differences portrayed in the Japanese and American Cultures in this movie. One cultural difference is the collectivism vs. individualism idea. The Japanese do everything to better the company as a whole whereas the Americans focus on their own values The Japanese are shown as trying to the run the auto plant as efficiently as any other plant in Japan. The plant is owned by the Japanese and they want it to reflect their success. Therefore the company executives give preference to working late hours and even at home, even though it causes problems at home.

Essay Example on Gung Ho Movie Summary

Whereas the American workers are shown to arrive late but leave early and give preference to their families over the company. Another cultural difference portrayed is high power distance and low power distance. The Americans illustrated a low power distance and a strong belief in their ability to influence outcomes. One event was when the town sent one person to the foreign country believing that he could get theJapanese on opening the plant. The workforce believed they could change the terms of employment and believed that he could change the workers attitude to over achieve and meet the 15,000 car target.

A last element that is portrayed is Masculinity vs. femininity. The Americans are much more aggressive and assertive then the Japanese. This aggression is shown at the ball game and the fight scene in the grocery store. Not only that, but the Americans are also very focused on reaching the 15,000 target. By the end of the film everyone these cultural differences are put aside and everyone is able to come together and work together. The workers will cooperate more and the managers will ease up on requirements.

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Gung Ho Cultural Differences

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