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Guerilla Warfare: A Historical and Critical Study Essay

Essay Topic:

The history of guerilla warfare transcends national boundaries.When
one nation or people group is outnumbered or out-equipped, they often turn
to guerrilla tactics in order to further the purpose of war, and eventually
even the scales’ in terms of military effectiveness.Walter Laqueur’s
book looks back through time, and identifies the commonalities within
Distinctions exist between traditional warfare, guerilla tactics, and
terrorism, which Laqueur makes in his book. Traditional warfare can be
described as the armed conflict between two equally matched powers.
Examples of traditional warfare include the majority of battles fought
during WWII. Armies of many nations, equipped military hardware fought
large and small battles over European territory.While strategies, tactics
and maneuvers were an important aspect of the battles, the nation’s forces
faced each other directly in contests for cities, and territory.
Guerilla warfare is described a non-traditional conflict in which one
party is significantly out equipped (in manpower, military equipment, etc.)
than its opponent.The guerrilla tactics focus on indirect conflict,
which targets strategic military objectives in order to sway the balance of
power.Guerilla tactics are often part of the larger scope of a
traditional war.French forces exercising guerilla tactics helped the
allies land on the European continent during D-Day.French resistance
fighters cut power lines, interrupted rail service, and disrupted
communications so that the allies could establish a beach head before the
German forces could organize a counter-strike force.
The effectiveness of guerilla forces can also be observed as an
integral part of the American revolutionary war.The traditional British
red coat army, which fought in organized lines, sought to win battles by
their sheer numbers.When limited to these tactics, the co…

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