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Growing Threats to Homeland Security Essay

The United States has always faced threats from other countries. But now, as times are changing, we’re facing an increasing need to protect ourselves from terrorism within our own borders. In the 21st century, threats to America’s internal security, that were once of minimal concern, have moved to the forefront…high priority. This recent development is due, in part, to the incredible strides science has made in the fields of technological, biological, and chemical warfare. These new concerns compromise the security of our nation, while the threats of classic warfare that have existed in the past still exist. The War on Terrorism has made terrorists abroad seek new ways to harm our country. Besides the fear of international terrorists, the threat from within in our country from anarchists and rebels is an equally legitimate concern.
Although the War on Terrorism looks primarily at enemies abroad, many threats to our country’s security are rising within our own borders. One form of domestic terrorism is known as Lone Wolf terrorism. This occurs when an individual believes so strongly in a cause that they become willing to inflict violence on his/her own country. The most well known lone wolf is Timothy McVeigh, known for the Oklahoma City Bombing. McVeigh believed he was a crusader, defending the constitution. He hoped to start a revolution against what he believed to be a ;tyrannical federal government.; In order to carry out his attack, he parked a van containing 4,000 pounds of explosive material outside the Federal Alfred P. Murrah Building, where it destroyed nearly half the building, killing 168 people – many of them children attending a day care on thefirst floor. This attack was the second most deadly terrorist attack in the United States, placing behind the tragedies of 9/11.
Although internal terrorism is a critical problem, the most dangerous threat comes from outside of our borders. Therefore, securing o…

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