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Growing Power of Nations Essay

The growing power of nations creates beneficial, as well as detrimental results that strongly affect their people.As nations gain more power, they also yearn for more of what they want, and when they want it.However, when nations gain more and more power, and grow stronger, other nations must grow weaker and lose power.This can cause conflicts over power, land, money, people, etc..The possibly of war sharply increases due to these particular conflicts or disagreements.
War did in fact occur.A period of time known as the Age of Imperialism started many quarrels between nations fighting over land.Several countries set up colonies in other countries to increase their land ownership and power.Unfortunately, as countries expanded and got caught up in their search for more, tribulations began between many nations, eventually leading to World War One.
In order to entice men to join the fight in the war, many propaganda’s were posted to try and interest men in fighting for their country, and their manhood.Posters, books, and people advertised everywhere in order to persuade people to fight against the opposition.These alleged propositions glorified war and painted a picture to men saying they could be hero’s.War, however, was chaotic, not thoroughly planned , and caused break downs in communication, technology, and sanity.Many nations became careless of their people and became very greedy.
Racial discrimination and segregation occurred, which prevented countries from becoming unified.Countries also dominated human rights and privileges which prevented unification.Living conditions for soldiers were poor and food rations were scarce, but did this bother the government?No. Leaders only cared if they won the war, and not for the lives of their men.An entire generation of men were lost in World War One, not only physically, but mentally as well.
World War One was a changing point for the world.As it…

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