Everyone use computer for its own purpose. But no one is aware about the harmful impacts of the use of computer on environment. Most of the CO 2 emission is produced through the heat generated by computer and its devices. The energy consumption by various computing devices is also plays a main role towards our harmful environment. This research paper analyzes the factors related to awareness of green computing among common man.

Essay Example on What Techniques Are Involved In Green Computing?

It also includes a survey questionnaire which takes all the factors into account and before starting actual survey a pilot study for this questionnaire was done which confirm its acceptance.

Keywords – Environment, hazardous, manufacturer, CO emission, sustainable I. Introduction Green computing is the study of environmental sustainable computing. It is the study and practice of designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of computers efficiently and effectively with minimal or no impact on the environment.

The goal of green computing is to reduce the use of hazardous material and save our environment from its harmful impacts.

CO emission also plays a big role to affect our environment and most of CO 2 emission is produced through the use of computer and its devices. Although computer is he basic need of every common man and they have to use it for time saving and to reduce human labor, but they also need to aware about its harmful impacts on our environment.

In this research paper take various factors related to the awareness of green computing also to check the every common man’s knowledge about green computing and initiatives towards green computing taken through computer manufacturers and also taken by a common man.

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Factor Categories This questionnaire considers all the factors related to term green computing, its benefits and the initiatives of computer manufacturers and of common an towards green computing. All these factors are taken according to their suitable priority.

It includes major factors and all these factors are taken as questions which can be answered in yes, no or don’t know according to which we can easily consider the benefits and awareness of green computing towards common man so they can use their computer and its devices which are more sustainable to our environment and take some efforts to save our environment form the harmful impacts of CO 2 emission and hazardous material.

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