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greek/romans/babylonians Essay

There are many similarities and differences between the ancient Babylonians, the Athenian Greeks and the Romans in terms of law/government, military and religion.When examining "The Code of Hammurabi"(Babylonian), "The Funeral Oration of Pericles"(Greek) and "The Constitution of Roma by the Greek Polybius"(Roman) many contrasting aspects were found in law/government and military.Similarities in religion were found in all three of these cultures.All of these things affected these cultures, some in similar and some in different way.
The Greeks originally had an Oligarchy form of government.This means that it was rules by very few people.The Romans had a Republic and the Babylonians stood alone with a Monarch.Most of the Greek rules were selected to rule because of their wealth.Many didn't like the ways of the Oligarchy, so it soon changed to a democracy (crystalinks.com/greece).Greece was thefirst democracy in the history of the world.The Romans elected their officials and did not give its citizens as much say in state matters as the Greeks did.Greece used branches of government to represent its citizens and the Romans use these branches to represent the different levels of its society.The Romans had three divisions of government: the consuls, the senate, and the people (Polybius, 1)The consuls power dealt with preparation for war and the general conduct of the military (CW, 128).The senate had a very important job, seeing over the treasury.The people had the job of delegating awards and punishments.The people also have authority to confirm or reject issues concerning war and peace (Polybius, 2).The Babylonians used a political structure that was an absolute Monarch.The king was the head and under him were a group of governors and administrators.During the reign of Hammurabi (1792-1760) a set of laws were created called "The Code of Hammurabi." (Hammura…

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