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Socrates Plato Aristotle Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Aristotle

No matter how advanced or more knowledgeable we are compared to ancient civilizations, we cannot say that what they contributed did not affect us directly.From simple things such as fire, to more complex things such as the concept of time, or complicated architecture, ancient inventors and other intellectuals paved the way for modern developments.Without the research and curiosity of our forefathers, we would not know, AND have what we know and have today. One of the major contributors to modern knowledge was the Greeks.They gave us knowledge in the fields of math through Pythagoras and his theorem on right triangles, and Science through Aristotle’s study of biology and Democritus’ study of atoms.Of course, although some may see their philosophies and beliefs to be inapplicable to today’s society, Socrates’, Plato’s, and Aristotle’s philosophies changed the way people think, and greatly affected the development of many western cultures, and even our own. Thefirst in line of the 3 great philosophers of Greece was Socrates.Born in Athens in 469 BC, he was born in a relatively poor family.His father, Sophroniscus, was a sculptor and his mother, Phaenarete, was a mid-wife.Socrates himself was a sculptor, but he was never really good at it.And although he was poor, he was able to marry and raise a family. There is a story told, that one day, his friend, Chaerephon, asked an Oracle in Delphi whether or not there was someone wiser than Socrates.Strangely, the oracle answered “No.”When Socrates heard about this, he was puzzled as to why the Oracle answered in that way.He figured that maybe it was some sort of a riddle, for he thought that he possessed no special wisdom at all.In order to find out, Socrates decided to talk with the various town folks of Athens, such as the doctors, scholars, sophists, and basically anyone who was willing to talk to him.Although …

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