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Greek Gods Essay

Essay Topic:

What we know today of the Greek gods today come from stories and myths. The
Oldest of these that we know of are the Iliad and the Odyssey that come from Homer.
Other poets we know of are: Virgil, Ovid, Hesiod, Aeshylus, Apuleius, Apollonius of
Rhodes, and Theocritus. These people told stories about the Gods, heroes, and their
adventures. In these stories the Gods have lives much like soap operas.
The creation of the world started with Chaos. Out of him came Gaea, Tartarus,
Eros, and Erebus. Gaea was the Earth goddess and without help she had Uranus,
Mountains ,and Pontus. Gaea Mated with her son, Uranus, and had five more children.
These children were Cyclope, Hecatonchires, Chronos, Coeus, and Oceanus. Uranus was
The sky god and thefirst ruler. Chronos later became the ruler when Gaea advised him to
castrate Uranus, who died from the wound or left the earth. Chronos and his wife Rhea
gave birth to thefirst Olymians. To ensure his safety as ruler, Chronos ate his children.
To protect her children, Rhea tricked Chronos into eating a rock instead of Zeus. The
rock that Chronos swallowed made him sick and forced him to puke up the other
Olympians. When Zeus grew older he overthrew the titans and became the ruler of the
Zeus was the lord of the sky and the rain god. He used the thunderbolt as a
weapon against those who displeased him. He married Hera, his sister, but had many
affairs. Hera was the protector of marriage. Hera had tried to revolt against Zeus but
failed and was and was punished. She never revolted again. Zeus and Heras brothers and
sisters were Hestia, Hadis, Poseidon, and Demeter. Hestia was the virgin goddess, the
goddess of the hearth. She doesn’t have any notable personality and played no parts in
myth. Hades was the lord of the underworld. The Greeks believed the Underworld to be

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