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Essay Examples on Greco Essay

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1st Essay Sample on Greco

Amid several 16th century works of art, the painting “Toledo” by El Greco (the Greek) is exhibited in the H. O. Havemeyer Collection, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This piece is somewhat of small size and brushed in on a canvas with oil paint. Its small size and unrealistic dimmed colors make it a prominent piece in the divergent brightly decorated gallery.

The exhibit is composed mainly of large black and white paintings; almost all of them Spanish of origin and made sometime in the late 16th to early 17th century. El Greco’s painting is located in the middle of the corridor surrounded by two other pieces of rather large size. The position of the canvas serves as a focal point for the whole collection, however one might expect it to be placed somewhere else, due to the unpopularity of the piece. Similar to other pieces, at its right, in the wall is the sign that states the artist’s life span, 1541-1614; along with the following description :”The painter’s given name was Domenikos Theotokopoulos. In Toledo, where he lived for nearly forty years, he was known as “El Greco” (the Greek).

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This view is the only independent landscape by the artist that survives. He has imaginatively reconfigured the city, showing the cathedral not in its actual position but to the left of the Alc;zar palace.; The cathedral seems to be the focus of the painting as it stands in the middleground and to the right. The city skyline is so abstract its almost symbolic, the buildings themselves however have been done with an enormous amount of detail, giving it a very familiar aspect with strong realistic features. The cathedral stands tall, almost centered on the storm cloud behind it. Its long narrow windows with pointed arches span nearly to the top of the tower, while the crockets atop the buttresses, line the soaring spire.

2nd Essay Sample on Greco

Myfirst response to the work of El Greco’s View of Toledo, Spain 1597-1599, made me think of medieval times where I had such a great visual picture of a row of knights riding on horses up a mountain to a castle where they will be in some type of battle to conquer and take over the land. The most breath taking part is the darkness that covers the canvas almost like an evil spirit lurking from above.The wind appears as if it where whipping across the plain hitting you squarely in the face as you look across the river and towards the mysterious city above.The dark clouds and the dreary sky lets me visualize that the Gods from above are in such a rage and is causing the sky such a turmoil. The unique landscape is not just a View of Toledo, neither is it Toledo at night or Toledo in a storm, but Toledo given a universal meaning a spiritual portrait of the town.The surroundings of the painting would most likely be seen at a bourgeois house.The idea behind this landscape was to announce the city’s greatness.Today, the mystery of the value could be revealed in a museum.However, these bold color schemes lose much of their impact, where the colors were different from the realist conception of nature. The touches of light and shade in the landscape are manipulated with oil paint.The oil paint contributes the form of the work, which is nearest to us in the impressionistic style.The landscape is refreshed with water flowing beneath the bridge.The grass from the hills is fertile and green, the far distant landscape, lacking plant life.The oil paint disregards the structure of objects and is content with the simple appearance.I think if the painting were larger it would lose its impact of having such a frightening image and serious concept. A larger image would also be difficult to visualize, losing its main purpose of El Greco’s View of Toledo as a whole to the viewer.

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