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Graphing Lab Report Paper

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Paper type: Report , Subject: Lab Reports

As going along with the procedure as follows my group put a meter stick vertically against the wall, secure the ether stick to the wall with two strips of tape so it could hold together The Next Step after that was, to drop the ball as close as possible to the meter stick and measure (a) the height dropped and (b) the resulting height bounced. Then repeat these steps for five different heights dropped and record all our data in a table. We recorded different information for two different balls, The first ball we experimented was a tennis ball.

We dropped the ball from 50 inches and it bounced to 10 inches for the first trial. Trial 2 was dropped from 45 inches bounced to 9 inches. Trial 3 dropped from 70 inches bounced to 12 inches. Trial 4 33 inches bounced to 6 inches last of Part 1. 1 Was dropped at the highest of 78 inches and only bounced to 7 inches. All of the height bounces came out fairly close being the different eights they were dropped at. We also for the first ball did average of the bounce of the ball. We did five different trials for five different heights to come out with a average bounce.

The first one of 70 inches through the five trials was a average of 13, Second height of 50 inches through those five trails the average height was 8. 8. Third height of 65 inches was a average of 1 1. 8 through those trials of height. Fourth height of 45 inches was a height of 6,8 inches. The last height of 2 in for Table 1. 2 was an average of 5. 6. T Last of the first ball of 1. 3 was our group predictions. With this table we only took Three Trials The first height we took was 70 inches we predicted that it would drop at 35 inches, but the actual bounce was only 12 inches.

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Trial 2 the dropped was 50 inches we predicted the bounce would be 20 inches, when the measured bounce was 9 inches. The last dropped of 65 inches our predicted bounce was 6 inches but the actual bounce was half of that 13 inches. That was the end of the first ball. Next we did the following steps for second ball, The second we used was a ping ball for a paddle. 1. 4 we dropped the ball at 78 inches and came out with a bounce of 36 inches. Trial 2 ball dropped at 69 inches height bounced at 31 inches. Trial 3 height dropped at 63 inches height bounced at 34 inches.

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